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Hadleigh House

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Hadleigh House

Warranty Information

Instant Price Quote



Hadleigh House by Mohawk Aladdin Carpet :


Style: 3437 Hadleigh House


Fiber:  100% Mohawk SmartStrand BCF P.T.T. Polyester


Width: 12 Feet


Repeating Pattern:  None

Hadleigh House is a SmartStrand carpet made by Mohawk Aladdin Carpet.  Additional specifications can be seen by expanding the color swatch.

Larger pictures and Carpet details can be seen by clicking on pictures.

Elite Carpet Rating

Hadleigh House Color Swatch

Hadleigh House Color Swatch Carpet Rating

262 Glazed Pottery

628 Terrain

647 Spring Vigor

671 Cape Moss

707 Tropic Sand

709 Cookies and Cream

711 Moon Stream

723 Bahama Buff

725 Downy Mist

727 Cross Country

728 Linen Lace

730 Sunny Touch

745 Foundation

748 Cancun

751 Caverns

752 Tango Tan

758 Quarry Shade

761 Corkwood

766 Amarillo

832 Autumn Ground

832 Safari Brown

842 Earth Tone

845 Bulrush

853 Pathfinder

Hadleigh House Carpet