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Nature’s Blend
Mohawk Aladdin Carpet Nature's Blend

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Nature’s Blend

Warranty Information

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Nature’s Blend by Mohawk Aladdin Carpet :


Style: 1H58 Nature’s Blend


Fiber:  67% Mohawk SmartStrand BCF P.T.T. Polyester, 33% BCF P.E.T. Polyester

Width: 12 Feet

Repeating Pattern:  None

FHA:  This carpet meets or exceeds the U.S. Government standards specified in FHA Bulletin UM44-D.  This certification does not constitute an endorsement of this carpet by any agency of the U.S. Government.

Nature’s Blend is a SmartStrand carpet made by Mohawk Aladdin Carpet.  Additional specifications can be seen by expanding the color swatch.

Larger pictures and Carpet details can be seen by clicking on pictures.

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